Worlds most beautiful and brilliant diamond.
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Dimensionally Impressive, Sculpturally Profound    
Solasfera Diamonds
Office Lighting
Flourescent Lighting
Diffused Outdoor Lighting
Direct Outdoor Lighting
For over thirty years, I have intensely studied the varied effects of lighting on diamonds.
It has always been interesting to me how some diamonds would look better than others in one lighting environment, only to fall short in another. My personal experience with Solasfera has been nothing short of amazing. Solasfera has proven to be a terrific performer in all lighting scenarios. The photos here were taken by me in a non-studio environment. They depict the types of lighting all of us encounter in casual daily living. The beauty of the Solasfera diamond is unsurpassed. One of the most exciting places my wife and I have experienced the wonder of Solasfera is while dining at night in restaurants. The high ceilings, with low romantic lighting, make the Solasfera diamond on her finger come alive with brilliant flashes of focused light. We have noticed people at nearby tables glancing at the amazing light show.

In laboratory conditions the diamond does not blatantly leak light. Technically, most of the light entering the diamond is returned to the viewer making an extraordinary play of light possible. When viewed outdoors from certain angles it can be nearly blinding. In fact, in GemEx test conditions, when compared to many other high performance diamonds, the Solasfera diamond is at the top in terms of colored light, white light and scintillation. No other diamond tested scores higher.

As a GIA in residence Diamonds Graduate, I have looked at thousands of diamonds and have done so with a very discerning and critical eye. In my personal opinion, no other diamond is as much fun to watch. The symmetry is so organized that it creates a beautiful even lighting across the entire diamond. I am so intrigued by its amazing beauty that it has become my diamond of choice for my new patent pending setting technique used exclusively in my most alluring wedding bands, anniversary bands, and engagement rings.

David is uniquely qualified to present this masterpiece in diamond cutting evolution. He makes the presentation
accurate, informative and fun. As a jewelry design artist, David can create an original design for your Solasfera Diamond.

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