The art of making jewelry.
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David Samson Original Jewelry Designs
Dimensionally Impressive, Sculpturally Profound    
About Us
The demand for custom designed  jewelry increases daily. I provide our clients with unique ways of expressing their personal style by designing creative original jewelry.  

Creating your personal jewelry is very exciting. I start with a quick interview, decide on a project direction, and then create a full scale design just for you. The picture at left is created with computer aided design software.
The design is then rendered and can be emailed for your approval. I can talk with you personally or communicate via email after this first step to finalize any further details in the design.
Working with your new design a perfect model is made using state of the art tooling technologies. The model shown here is the result of that process.
Traditional casting methods are then used to create the model into gold or platinum. The picture at left shows a cast model.
(note the matte finish on the metal)
Next I will meticulously hand polish the metal to a mirror finish and set the stones to exacting standards under a high powered microscope.
Your custom made jewelry is now ready to wear!